Friday, July 19, 2013

FFF Prompt - The Innocent

Word Length - 444 - I managed to hit the target exactly!
Required Word/Phrase - Ingénue (pronounced an-zhuh-noo) - Twice, even!
Forbidden Words - Mirror, Pasta, Doggie, Tutu - Avoided :)
25 bonus words - Share an experience that happened at a performance - passed on this
Extra Credit - Explain where her mother is (25 extra words) - passed on this one, too.

Yup, it's Friday and time for another of Advizor's naughty Flash Fiction photo prompts! Check out the picture and requirements above, click on the link to his website, read and enjoy the stories, and then return! I'll wait.

All done? Okay!

I struggled with this picture. For some reason, the photo did little for me. Perhaps it's because it looks so static, so staged? I don't know, but I was coming up with some wild stuff. Everything from wax museums to automatons to androids... some of these were headless, even! Still, I persevered and returned to my fangirl roots. For those who've poked around this blog, you might guess the theme of this one before you hit the reveal at the bottom. What can I say? I'm a fangirl!


La Fleur sat at the vanity, and put the finishing touches onto her makeup before the night’s festivities. The local theater was decked out for the annual masquerade ball, with lights and streamers and the crème of society dressed in their finest. The management established the event to help raise funds and seek potential patrons. The dancers used it as a way to find a few patrons of their own. She had her eye on one in particular – a handsome lord with a horse-faced, shrew of a wife and plenty of funds to provide her with a trinket or two for her services.

As she swiped some powder across her chin, the lights in the room flickered, then went out. Cool hands snaked around her waist and raised her onto her knees on the bench. As the unknown man flipped her starched crinoline up and over her waist, she fumbled for the lamp and flipped the switch.

“Am I all that you expected, my precious little ingénue?” His voice was supernal and she shivered at its beauty. She gazed at his reflection, and liked all that she saw. Her mysterious patron was dressed for the masquerade in a flawless tuxedo, with starched white shirt, perfectly tied bowtie, and elegant tails. A gleaming white mask covered all of his face except his intense amber eyes and full, kissable lips.

“Am I?” La Fleur countered as he stroked her bare ass. The dancer never wore undergarments. She found them stifling to her creativity as well as her purse. More men flocked to her dressing room for the glances she offered them during the show.

“Indubitably.” She gasped as he plunged his rigid cock to the hilt without further discourse. His cold hand rested on the small of her back as he fucked her with savage intensity. “Finish your makeup, little ingénue. You take the stage soon. I want you to dance to my music with my seed running down your thighs. I want you to sing my words after you have moaned my name.”

“Your music? Your words?” La Fleur moaned as her body tensed around his thrusting cock. Like the hand pressed to her lower back, it felt unusually cool, like a leather dildo after it’s been stored in the icebox. “But that’s ridiculous!”

“Why is that, my angel?” Her masked lover reached around and pinched her clit. She hit several impressive notes as she came.

“Because that would make you…” Her eyes widened as he pulled off his mask to reveal the mangled flesh beneath it.

“The Phantom of the Opera? Why, yes, Christine, it would.” Her screams masked his shout as he came.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

FFF Prompt - Phone Lines

Advizor's Flash Fiction Friday!
Required Phrase = "Answer it"
Forbidden Words = Orgasm
Word Length = 661 (I ended at 660!)
Extra Credit = Tell us who's calling
Bonus Words = 50 if you tell us a phone sex confession (um.. I'm voting no on this one lol)

As always, read, enjoy, comment if you're so inclined, then follow the link above and read the rest!
They met at the golf course, arguing over who got the last cart. He grudgingly offered to share, and she reluctantly agreed. The first five holes were played in silence. Neither caring enough about what was considered polite to want to be the first to give in. Then he missed a putt, said a few choice words, and she remarked upon his vulgarity. His response was biting, cruel, but she merely laughed. With a few choice phrases of her own, she let him know that he was a mere amateur in the world of cutting insults.

As they played the remainder of the eighteen holes, they compared curses, pejoratives, and golf swings. He conceded that she played pretty well… for a woman. She confessed that he was kinda handsome… for a useless CEO. They traded insults and telephone numbers.

On Hole Thirteen, she sliced her initial drive into the wooded rough with an appropriate amount of colorful phrases. While looking for the small white ball, she snapped a quick picture of her masturbating with the handle of her club. She sent it to him just as he stepped onto the tee box and giggled when his drive hooked hard.

The insults faded but the photographs grew. On Hole Fourteen, she received a video of him stroking his cock. On the way to Hole Sixteen, he almost drove them into a tree when she swallowed that same cock into her throat. She played Hole Seventeen topless; Eighteen completely nude.

She attacked him in the elevator, pressing him against the wall with savage kisses. A flick of her wrist dropped his straining dick into her hand. He braced his back against the wall when she climbed his body and impaled herself upon his waiting cock. Overcoming his shock quickly, he spun her around to pound into her tight pussy. She came just as the doors opened with a ding. A waiting young man gaped in amazement at the unexpected and erotic show. She slid from her lover’s arms, patted the young man’s blushing cheek and blew him a kiss as she sauntered down the hall.

Once they entered his hotel room, her handsome CEO became the aggressor. Buttons flew as he ripped off his clothing and tossed them in every direction. He scooped her into his arms and threw her onto his bed with a growl. She scraped her nails down his back until he pinned her hands to the bed. His thick cock invaded her eager pussy once more and pounded into her with lustful abandon.

The telephone’s shrill ringing threw off his rhythm and he groaned in frustration. She wrestled her hand free and teased his sweat-slick back with a light scraping of her nails.

“Answer it,” she whispered huskily. “I want to see if you can talk and fuck at the same time. Answer it. I dare you.”

In their eighteen holes of golf, he had never been able to resist a dare. With an erotic grind of his hips, he plucked the receiver from the cradle. “Hello? Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Volonin. I wasn't expecting your call.”

She wrapped her legs around his waist, thrusting up so he couldn't pause while on the telephone. He nearly dropped the receiver on her head.

“Yes, sir. No, no, it’s fine, I’m just kind of busy right now.” She bit his nipple and grinned as he fought the moan that threatened to burst free. The head of the California mafia might be amused at his puppet CEO’s erotic distraction… or he might not. “Yeah, I just met her today, in fact. We've hit it off pretty well. How did you know?”

“Because he sent me,” she murmured as she slid the long dagger into his side. Her legs maintained their tight grip around his waist as the life slowly drained from his eyes. As he breathed his last, she shook with the power of her release.

Damn, she loved her job!
I hope you enjoyed this bit of naughtiness. Drop me a line if you did (or didn't), then head over to Advizor's blog and check out the rest of this Friday's flashers!

Friday, July 5, 2013

FFF - July 5 - Independence Day

Key Word - Independence or Independence Day
Word Limit - 237
Forbidden Word - Fireworks
Extra Credit - Put the action on July 5th 
Advizor has done it again, stirred a bit of evil in me with a provocative picture. No, no one dies this time, but it may not go the direction you think! I actually managed to hit all the notes - exact word count, both keywords, and the extra credit. *high fives* Subscribe to his site and feel free to join in next week! The more the merrier!
She hung the dress on a tree limb, discarding it with as much care as he had discarded her. Few realized just how happy his desertion had made her. He had been her parents’ choice: the correct boyfriend, the proper spouse, the boring lover. In other words, he made her miserable. His stammering apologies took them by surprise; her joyful laughter and sincere wishes for his happiness only compounded their confusion. Free of him, free of their expectations, she decided to be free of her outer trappings as well. This was her Independence Day – July 5th, the day she embraced her true self, instead of the woman her family wanted her to be.

She left a trail of silky lingerie to the tree that served as her wardrobe. The dress fluttered in the summer breeze while the wedding guests gaped at her nudity. She crooked a finger at an old lover, but didn’t wait to see if he would follow. She simply grabbed the bottle of champagne and a pair of glasses and started across the empty field.

Plopping onto the ground, the cool blades of grass tickled her bare skin. When she leaned against the fallen tree, the rough bark bit into her back. She savored the sensations as proof of her independence from her former, restrictive life. As the sun warmed her naked flesh, she heard the soft footsteps behind her.

Happy Independence Day, indeed!