Monday, January 28, 2013

The Chess Match

The second picture over on Nulli's website (yeah, I posted them out of order - sue me) was a pair of chess pieces. In my brilliant flash of inspiration and impatience to begin writing, I failed to look closely enough at the pieces to notice that they were, in fact, a pair of kings. Silly me. But that is why the story is written from the perspective of a lady in the role of White Bishop Two in a kinky match of living chess.

Characters:    Melody
World:            Unnamed (Real)
Word Count:  893
Prompt:          Picture - Pair of chess pieces (that I really wanted to be bishops)

Melody stood in her assigned square and fought the urge to just go home. The party had turned into so many others she’d attended with her friends hooking up with pretty hot guys while she babysat the purses and the drunks. True, she wasn’t the prettiest or the slimmest or wore the least amount of clothing. These factors combined with intense shyness usually sealed her fate as “Wallflower of the Month.” They also contributed to her rather reckless decision to broaden her horizons which led to her attending this extremely shocking party which, in turn, resulted in her standing in a sunny patch of grass marked off with chalk to resemble a chess board.

A really big chess board.

And she was naked.

Okay, so she wasn’t totally naked. She wore an intricate harness of white rope that kept her arms bound behind her back as well as a white hat to declare her position as White Bishop Two. Other than that, all of her assets were on full display. Several of Black Leader’s male chess pieces were taking stock of her assets in a manner that both disturbed and excited her.

Black Pawn Four captured White Pawn One and Melody gawked at how he celebrated winning the square. A quiet exchange, too soft for her to hear on the back row of the board, and White Pawn One knelt before the victorious Black Pawn Four and slurped his cock deep into her mouth. The male pawn grunted and thrust, clearly pleased to have won the square and her oral services, and shouted his victory to the sky. White Pawn One rose to her feet and walked off the board to clean up, shooting an evil glare at White Leader. He simply slapped her ass as she passed him.

More pieces were moved. More squares were won. When White Rook One captured Black Pawn Seven, his annoyed curse echoed around the board. Black Leader merely shrugged; pawns were expendable after all. An attendant brought a contraption over to White Rook One and strapped it over her hips. Melody’s eyes grew huge as the rather large dildo was slipped between Rook’s thighs. They grew even larger when the attendant secured an equally large one to the front. The rope harness was removed so White Rook could properly lube up the giant phallus. Surely she wasn’t going to… ? Holy fuck, she was!

A stand was rolled into the contested square and Black Pawn reluctantly knelt over it. White Rook dribbled lube over the Pawn’s muscular ass, letting it drip to his balls and off his soft cock. Unlike Black Pawn Four, this Pawn wasn’t as excited about his ‘reward.’ Melody stared as the rubber cock slowly disappeared into the Pawn’s well-lubed assed. She’d never seen anything like it and was shocked at how turned on she was getting. Black Pawn Seven’s curses and grunts soon became moans and pleas for more as White Rook fucked him for all she was worth. Melody was breathing heavy by the time both pieces cried out their pleasure and wondered which she’d prefer – to win a square or lose it?

More pieces were moved. More squares were won. Why did she come to this party again? Oh, yeah, for adventure. To break out of her shell. Well she was breaking out of something, all right. Watching the antics of the other pieces, she was both terrified and hornier than she’d ever been in her life. She’d never been one for casual sex, and could count her partners on one hand with fingers left over. The whole business had left her jaded and a lot happier with her vibrator and her imagination. But this? This stirred her in ways she’d never dreamt.

White Leader moved her several times and she managed to avoid the other squares. This proved to be as much of a disappointment as it was a relief. She still didn’t know what she’d do if she won or how far she was willing to go if she lost. Black Leader called for Black Bishop One to move and it wasn’t until the very naked and very aroused man stood before her that Melody realized she’d been well and truly caught. The opposing Bishop was unlike her previous partners – tall and fit and rather… large. Glancing up, she was caught in his pale blue eyes before they dropped to check out his prize. She could feel her blush burn her cheeks and heat her neck as she imagined his disappointment in winning such a piece. He was the kind of man who looked right through her at the clubs and the parties.

“The game is excessively rigged, you know,” he murmured softly so the others couldn’t hear. His large hands ghosted over her hair, her cheeks, her sensitive breasts. He toyed with the puckered tips as he confessed, “I asked White Leader to ensure I captured you.”

“Why? Did you lose a bet?” She cursed her traitorous body as her nipples tightened even more and every muscle strained to get closer to the handsome Bishop.

“Of course not. Who do you think arranged your invitation, my dear?” His lips curled into a smile and he pulled her into his arms. “The only question that remains is this: do you yield gracefully or must I claim my victory?”

Language of Flowers

The latest picture prompt over on Nulli's site was a single red tulip. Once upon a time, flowers had both meaning and their own language of love and romance which is where I obtained the title to the piece. A tulip's 'message' is the whispered phrase used by Elizabeth when she takes the flower from the vase.

This falls into the After the Reveal World anytime between Chapter 15 and Chapter 18.

Characters:     Elizabeth Pierce, Johannes Hunsinger Pierce
World:            After the Reveal
Word Count:  402
Prompt:          Picture - Red Tulip

Elizabeth slipped from the bed with the barest brush of her lips across her lover’s cheek. Their night had been long and satisfying and she didn’t wish to awaken her sleeping mate with her sunrise errand. Easing from the room, the petite vampire padded quietly towards the guest room down the hall. There, she took a long shower, shaving and grooming her lithe body to smooth, glistening perfection. Afterwards, her hair was dried, brushed until it shone, and styled in the manner of her youth – pinned to show off her elegant neck but with ringlets framing her lovely face. A light dusting of powder across her cheeks to highlight her flawless skin, a bit of mascara, and a crimson gloss over her lips completed her sparse makeup.

She dressed in her finest silk underwear, chocolate brown to match his eyes, and silky thigh high stockings. The corset was a challenge, but she’d planned this morning for days, and it took very little maneuvering to get the smooth satin garment cinched into place. The brushed silk dress slithered over her body like a lover; waves of midnight black draping across her curves and clinging to her hips and breasts. The vampire carried the patent black stilettos in her hand, careful of waking her sleeping mate, and stole down the stairs. She slipped them on once she’d closed the patio door behind her.

Upon a small table by the door, a single crystal vase held the elegant stem of a blood-red tulip. “As the redness of this flower,” Elizabeth whispered as she reverently plucked the flower from the vase, “I am on fire with love for thee.” She brushed the satiny petals against her lips as she turned towards the garden. In the center, a magnificent fountain splashed and gurgled happily in the growing light.

Kneeling before a gleaming brass plaque set into the stone foundation, the vampire bowed her head over the flower now clutched desperately to her breast. Her tears ran in crimson rivers down her cheeks to splash upon the damp stone and metal. As the sun’s rays lit the sky in an explosion of magnificent color, warm arms wrapped around her from behind and held her as she wept. With shaking hands and a broken sob, Elizabeth placed the bruised flower in front of the plaque.

“My Francisco, forever and always, I shall be on fire with love for thee.”

Royal Sentinel

Nulli Para Ora, a published author with Liquid Silver Books, started a new feature on her website and I have been enticed to participate. There, she posts a picture and asks for a short... something. It could be a poem, a few paragraphs, a haiku, whatever the pictures inspires one to write. After speaking with her, I've decided to post the shorts that connect into the After the Reveal World here as well. 

The picture prompt can be found HERE and is a single stick of burning incense. This short would fall any time after Chapter 15 of There's a Fine Line.

Characters:     King Urúvion Lithsumé of Kedaunnor, unnamed elf
World:            After the Reveal
Word Count:  386
Prompt:          Picture - Stick of burning incense

Urúvion watched the smoke rise from the thin stick of incense, mesmerized by its swirling, random pattern. As a small piece of ash fell to the table to join so many of its brethren, the King of Kings wondered whether it had really been placed here for the patient’s benefit or his own. The calming scent of Amber Thorn blossoms filled the luxurious chamber and some of the tension eased from his shoulders. He gazed at the wounded elf who lay, pale and still, upon the deep indigo blankets and added another round of prayers to those he had already whispered that day. The Matron of House Ealoren had done well with the healing; the rest was up to the Seldarine.

As the twin suns danced across the cerulean sky, the Arbiter warred with the decision he’d made all those centuries before. Had he been right in suppressing that which was granted by the gods as a blessing? Was he truly such a slave to duty and his people that he would relegate two souls to a lifetime of heartache? Gazing upon the patient’s beautiful face framed by a wealth of soft brown hair, he added those questions to the rest that he put towards the elven gods. If he had been wrong, if he had subjected them both to such loneliness without cause…

More ash fell to the table as one of the suns slipped beneath the blanket of the horizon. The shadows shifted, lengthened; food was brought, ignored, and removed as the elven king sat watch over the most important member of his kingdom.

“My mate,” he whispered with tears rolling down his cheeks. Saying it aloud made his heart ache all the more for the centuries they had been so close and yet so distant.

The questions he’d pondered when he first felt the stirrings of the mating pull still remained. Questions concerning his kingdom and its people. Questions for which he still had no answers. Now, there were even more, besides. Should he reveal the truth, would his mate punish him for his secrets? Would the one creature who held his heart crush that fragile organ beneath his heel and walk away? King Urúvion Lithsumé of Kedaunnor, the Arbiter, the King of Kings had no answers.

And the ash continued to fall…