Monday, January 28, 2013

Language of Flowers

The latest picture prompt over on Nulli's site was a single red tulip. Once upon a time, flowers had both meaning and their own language of love and romance which is where I obtained the title to the piece. A tulip's 'message' is the whispered phrase used by Elizabeth when she takes the flower from the vase.

This falls into the After the Reveal World anytime between Chapter 15 and Chapter 18.

Characters:     Elizabeth Pierce, Johannes Hunsinger Pierce
World:            After the Reveal
Word Count:  402
Prompt:          Picture - Red Tulip

Elizabeth slipped from the bed with the barest brush of her lips across her lover’s cheek. Their night had been long and satisfying and she didn’t wish to awaken her sleeping mate with her sunrise errand. Easing from the room, the petite vampire padded quietly towards the guest room down the hall. There, she took a long shower, shaving and grooming her lithe body to smooth, glistening perfection. Afterwards, her hair was dried, brushed until it shone, and styled in the manner of her youth – pinned to show off her elegant neck but with ringlets framing her lovely face. A light dusting of powder across her cheeks to highlight her flawless skin, a bit of mascara, and a crimson gloss over her lips completed her sparse makeup.

She dressed in her finest silk underwear, chocolate brown to match his eyes, and silky thigh high stockings. The corset was a challenge, but she’d planned this morning for days, and it took very little maneuvering to get the smooth satin garment cinched into place. The brushed silk dress slithered over her body like a lover; waves of midnight black draping across her curves and clinging to her hips and breasts. The vampire carried the patent black stilettos in her hand, careful of waking her sleeping mate, and stole down the stairs. She slipped them on once she’d closed the patio door behind her.

Upon a small table by the door, a single crystal vase held the elegant stem of a blood-red tulip. “As the redness of this flower,” Elizabeth whispered as she reverently plucked the flower from the vase, “I am on fire with love for thee.” She brushed the satiny petals against her lips as she turned towards the garden. In the center, a magnificent fountain splashed and gurgled happily in the growing light.

Kneeling before a gleaming brass plaque set into the stone foundation, the vampire bowed her head over the flower now clutched desperately to her breast. Her tears ran in crimson rivers down her cheeks to splash upon the damp stone and metal. As the sun’s rays lit the sky in an explosion of magnificent color, warm arms wrapped around her from behind and held her as she wept. With shaking hands and a broken sob, Elizabeth placed the bruised flower in front of the plaque.

“My Francisco, forever and always, I shall be on fire with love for thee.”

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